Serious Accusations Made About Kevin McCall

According to reports, a woman is claiming that Kevin McCall assaulted her recently.

The woman making the accusations claims they were friends, but things got violent after some words were exchanged in a moving vehicle.

Apparently the alleged victim didn’t like some of the things Kevin allegedly said to her during the argument, and she claims he got violent with her after she asked him to exit the vehicle.

She posted photos from the alleged assault on her Instagram account.

Check out the screenshots via Baller Alert:

Kevin has responded to the accusations, and he claims the young woman is lying.

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  1. I believe her. She’s not the first one who accused him of being abusive. Eva got a restraining order on him for the same reason.

  2. It’s funny how people talked sh-t about Eva when she filed a restraining order against this nutcase. Guess that’s why Chris kept his arguments on keyboard..

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