Phaedra Parks Claps Back at Mama Joyce

On the most recent episode of RHOA, Mama Joyce accused Phaedra of participating in Apollo’s crimes and she even accused Phaedra of lying about filing for divorce.

In her most recent blog with Bravo, Phaedra clapped back at Mama Joyce and her response was pretty brutal: Were you surprised by Joyce’s accusations?

PP: I am never surprised when attention seeking people say and do things to get attention, because it’s what they do and it is expected. It is unfortunate that she is still searching for significance this late in her life, rather than focusing on the afterlife. Bless her heart.


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  1. #DEAD

    I can’t really blame Phaedra though. Mama Joyce is always giving her unwanted two cents about other people.

    1. I hear you on this one. I’m never one to disrespect a person’s mother but Mama Joyce is definitely the one that can get the business.

    1. I know right. Kandi gone cry and act like a ghetto mess as usual. While she sit there and laugh and throw jabs along with her weak crew and as soon as somebody say something about her mama, she ready to go.

  2. The only senior citizen screaming what the “streets” are saying. Too old to be so damn messy and bitter. It’s like she is miserable and you know misery loves company. Kandi think its ok for her mother to say whatever she want to and about people but cant nobody say nothing to her mother – NO MA’AM…. she will get it as good as she gives it. And Todd talking about he is just glad the hate ain’t on him no more – smdh – the hate shouldn’t be directed at nobody. She need to get her life and stop spewing hateful comments about people and too people.

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