Kanye West Endorses Trump + Tells Black People to Get Over Racism

Photo Credit: 3CENT
Photo Credit: 3CENT

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Kanye West is making headlines again because he gave President Elect Donald Trump a late endorsement.

He also had some words for black people too.

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  1. He is just like his wife. Will say or do anything for attention and controversy. I wouldn’t give him a dime of my money.

  2. I wish this attention whore who has been pretending to be a rapper for all these years would just finally sit down and shut up for once.

  3. Some of his fans who were there were dragging him on Twitter but it’s crazy anyone is still going to his concerts. All he does for most of the show is rant.

  4. I really hope we are making a list of all the black celebrities who decided to show their true colors during this election and Colin’s protest. None of them should be supported financially by us anymore.

  5. He should no longer wonder why Jay-Z never paid him a visit and Bey paid him and his wife dust….EVERY1 NEEDS TO START PAYING KANYE AND HIS FAM DUST

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