Is Kanye’s Endorsement for Trump Just a Publicity Stunt? + Ye Disses Bey, Jay & Drake

Kanye West and the Kardashians/Jenners have been accused of pulling publicity stunts in the past, so it’s no surprise that some are suspecting Ye’s endorsement for Trump is just a ploy for attention.

In fact, blogger Fameolous did some research and found out Kanye actually donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign back in July 2015.

The amount confirmed by the press is the maximum allowed for contribution, $2700.
In related news, Kanye is taking more shots at the Carters. Now he’s accusing Beyonce of not winning VOTY fairly for “Formation.”

And Drake wasn’t safe either. He accused the Canadian rapper of utilizing radio payola to get hits:

Hip Hop N More writes:

Tonight at his show in Sacramento, he took his rant to the extreme levels. The rapper first arrived almost 90 minutes late to the show and just performed a song and a half before he went on a nearly 20 minutes long rant. Before that, he brought out his first surprise guest of the tour — Kid Cudi, and shared a brotherly love moment with him on the floating stage. It was a big deal since the two got involved in a beef recently but squashed it quickly after he called Cudder the most influential artist of the past 10 years.

During his “stream of consciousness” as he says, Kanye took shots at a lot of his friends. He first sent a few “F*ck Yous” to radio stations across the country, saying they were behind time and being paid to play the same songs over and over again. Then he took shots at Drake and DJ Khaled, saying that although they were his good friends, they had “set up” their song ‘For Free’ in a manner where the radio would play it innumerable times.

Another surprise shot came at Beyonce. After dissing MTV, Kanye revealed that Beyonce had refused to perform at the VMAs this year unless she won the “video of the year” award where she was competing against Kanye West (‘Famous’). ‘Ye said it left him very disappointed.

Then came Jay Z’s name where he ‘Ye began to shout; “Jay Z, call me bruh, you STILL ain’t called me. Talk to me like a man,” much to the surprise of the concertgoers and somewhat confirming that things aren’t that cool between the two at the moment. Kanye also mentioned Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a few times, and expressed his frustration with Mark Zuckerberg not helping his Donda company. Right after the rant ended, he dropped the microphone and exited the stage.

The BeyHive has been busy all morning and quickly reminded Kanye of this past tweet:

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  1. Kanye is such a joke now. He is doing the absolute most just to get a response from Jay and Bey. But he won’t get anything because they really don’t care. People have said much worse about them, and they paid them dust. They understand there will always be hate. Focus on your money and you’ll be fine. Kanye isn’t as successful as he wants to be because he doesn’t know how to tune out silliness and distractions.

  2. I’m not even going sit through and listen to his latest rant. He’s obviously is in his feelings about a friendship that has been dead for a while now. He needs to move on. You can’t force people to be in your life. I just hope this puts to rest those dumb rumors about it being Kim who was pressed about the Carters. Couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s always been Kanye and his obsession has always been so weird to me.

  3. Amanda, MTV released a statement and shut down Kanye’s little attention seeking stunt. Bey won because of fan votes. Hive wasn’t playing around with the Formation video. We voted everyday. And we usually don’t care about the VMAS besides her performance. This is her second biggest video since Single Ladies. Very controversial and discussed by everyone. Both have won VOTY too. Kanye is pathetic. He’s mad everyone thinks he’s a joke now so he’s lashing out.

    1. Formation was a favorite for VOTY from jump. Anyone with a brain could see that. That video had police boycotting Beyonce. We talked about Kanye’s weird video for all of two days and moved on. And none of Drake’s videos are worth VOTY.

  4. Kanye is a Kardashian now. So he thinks pulling stunts is his career now. He puts more thought into his publicity stunts than his actual music nowadays. I also don’t care that the Trump thing was a stunt. What he said about black people needing to get over racism was the last straw for me. And I’m not a Beyonce fan as I have stated on here before, but Lemonade is a damn good album and the first Beyonce album I’ve ever loved in entirety. Formation is the best video she’s ever made period. No video that came out this year could compete.

    1. No shade but I’m wondering why when ppl speak the truth or their opinion, they have to always clarify “I’m not a fan”…anyway if Jay wasn’t calling him before, lol he can pretty much forget it now..

  5. And the obsession with The Carters continues smh. This man is so unhappy and miserable with his life nobody can convince me otherwise.

  6. He’s trying so hard to get Jay Z’s attention but it’s not working!! Jay is smarter than him. Smart enough to know you don’t marry anyone who will bring you down, smart enough to know you don’t marry into a family of untalented attention whores who make a living off black men, smart enough to know you have to block out emotions to be successful in business!! Jay is also smart enough to know you don’t throw temper tantrums in public when life isn’t going your way!! Kanye is mad at Jay because he can’t be Jay!! And he’s mad Kim can’t be Bey!! Instead of marrying a Beyonce, he married Kim and he’s been going downhill since!!

  7. From the video, it seems the real reason Kanye is venting is because his last rant about the Carters didn’t result in Jay calling him. I doubt this will have a different outcome.

  8. This is what happens when you befriend someone with mental illness who refuses to get treatment. They eventually push you away because it becomes impossible to remain close to them.

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