After Bizarre Onstage Rants, Kanye West Cancels Tour

According to sources, after a lot of backlash for his behavior at his most recent shows, Kanye has now cancelled the remainder of his tour.

Hot New Hip Hop writes:

It’s a trying time for Kanye West fans. In the past 36 hours, he went on an extended rant against Beyonce and Jay Z and cancelled his show in Inglewood, which was originally scheduled as make-up date for the show he cut short earlier this month. It gets worse — Los Angeles Times reporter Gerrick Kennedy reports that Kanye has cancelled the remainder of his United States “Saint Pablo” tour.

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  1. Kris Jenner doing what she does best. By cancelling the rest of the tour, now they can pretend Kanye has mental illness and people will become sympathetic. I see right through all of this. Kanye is a jerk and it’s about time we stop making excuses for him. It’s not his mom passing away, it’s not Jay Z and Beyonce and it’s not Kim. It’s Kanye.

    1. Now you know Kanye’s delusional fans won’t accept this. It’s everyone else’s fault but Kanye and he’s a genius. Smdh.

  2. He just needs to stop touring if all he’s going to do is rant. People pay to see artists actually perform music. Now whine about the popular kids not hanging out with him and his wife.

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