Kenya Moore Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore’s troubled relationship with her mother has been explored on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and a dig some like to use when feuding with the former beauty queen.

But Kenya is clapping back with a retweet.

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  1. But he didn’t want anything to do with her either when she first came on the show….their relationship was strained. So “in her life” ain’t what shes trying to make it out to be.

  2. So she’s just going to tweet out that dumb a-s statistic about black people? How does this trash have fans? She’s just as anti black as Claudia but doesn’t get dragged for it for some reason. I guess she needs to be lighter skinned to be called out for the anti black bullsh-t. Is that how it works?

  3. Yeah I have a problem with this retweet. There are black people who know their fathers and have relationships with their fathers. I’m one of them. And it’s not a rarity.

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