Amid Hospitalization, Kanye West Tries to Attack Hospital Staff

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West was hospitalized hours ago, and now there’s been an interesting update to the story.

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  1. I knew Kris Jenner would push him to go to the hospital as a form of damage control because he really managed to piss of his actual fans this time with his latest stunt. I don’t think he has mental illness. I just think he’s a conceited douche bag who is really pissed off he’s not where he believes he should be career wise.

    1. Exactly. Kanye has been a fraud from day one though. He pretended to be pro black and care about his people, but the whole entire time he was chasing behind Kim Kardashian and desiring to wife any white girl who would have him. He is now being his true self now that his mom is gone and he’s more like a Kardashian than some people want to admit. Everything is about fame and attention to this man. I bet Kris Jenner mapped all of this out. Day one, endorse Trump. Day two, call out Jay Z and Beyonce. Day 3, cancel tour. Day 4, fake hospitalization to keep fans in check and get public sympathy. Day 5, make this about Kim and put out stories about how she stopped everything to get on a plane and be with Kanye. And it’s working because as this election just confirmed, most Americans are idiots.

  2. I see he can’t even go along with the plan Kris gave him. I’m sure he wasn’t supposed to attack the hospital staff while executing this public sympathy stunt.

    1. Sis, I’m sure him “attacking” the staff was part of the plan. Now he will seem even more mental and the public will be more convinced. You know how that family strategizes. LOL.

  3. It’s hard for me to even care or feel bad for Kanye. Especially when he doesn’t care about black people and what we’re going through.

  4. Seriously, f-ck this n-gga and the whore family he married into. I can’t believe how dumb motherf-ckas are on Twitter. This man just literally pulled down his pants and took a massive sh-t on black people, but we’re tweeting #PrayForKanye like idiots. This is another strategic move from the pimp and her whores. They knew they needed the dumb a-s public to feel bad for Kanye and this was their move to do accomplish just that. Gullible a-s idiots.

  5. I feel nothing. Why? Because I know this is as real as Kim’s robbery was. I wish the media would start calling out the stunts the Kardashians and Kanye have pulled. There are real people dealing with mental illness and not lying about it for public sympathy.

  6. Kris really laying it on thick to try to get sympathy for Kanye. Sorry I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for Kanye.

    1. Hell maybe Kanye trying to get sympathy from the Carters???..If Jay-Z don’t call him who knows what his dumas will do..(Kanye shrug) pun intended..

  7. Umm all of this seems staged. Is the Klan and Kanye having money problems? are ratings dropping? They have been more desperate for attention than usual as of late.

    1. Ratings have been dropping consistently for years but E won’t pull the plug because they aren’t smart enough to do so. And Kanye’s money problems aren’t really a secret. He spilled his own tea in an interview last year or so. He invested a lot of his money into fashion and he’s had nothing but flops. This tour was supposed to help him with his money issues, but Forbes is saying he’s going to lose $10 million because of the cancellation. I don’t think the cancelled tour was part of the stunt he discussed with Kris so now she’s in damage control mode. LOL.

  8. The Kardashians sure do know how to con the media!! They hate for the world not to be fixated on them. Notice how whenever someone else is getting all the media’s attention (right now it’s been Trump), they will pull some ridiculous stunt to make someone in their family the topic of conversation again. Kim’s robbery now this. I wonder what’s next…Khloe getting knocked up by Tristan Thompson??

  9. Maybe I’m heartless but I don’t feel bad for Kanye in the least. He’s done and said a lot of messed up things so I don’t think I need to cape for him. I’m just going to sit back and watch how all of this plays out. It does seem Kris Jenner orchestrated though.

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