1. Well I’m just going to assume by the other IG post UB posted that he’s one of those types of people who like to overshare on Instagram. It’s always so odd to me when people write their spouses a long drawn out happy anniversary message on IG/FB. Like they couldn’t just turn over in bed and say all that in person? People just love the attention. LOL.

  1. I’ve seen regular dudes do this. Believe it or not, them doing this makes a naive woman feel better about the situation. Like them apologizing on the internet means they won’t cheat again.

  2. Well I didn’t know he was a cheater….but I know now…. why? Why do I need to know this? If she wasn’t already embarrassed, she is now.

  3. If he respected her, he wouldn’t have put this on the internet. But he did cheat so it’s obvious he doesn’t have respect for her anyway.

  4. Boys II Men had amazing voices, and their songs promoted love. We miss their music , ‘Water Runs Dry’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Motown Philly’, ‘Bended Knee’, and many more.

  5. It sucks when your fave artists from back in the day show you they are attention whores just as much as these younger artists.

  6. Seems like he tried to address it himself before any other drama came about publicly. Ain’t nobody checking for him now tho soooooo… *crickets*

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