Cardi B Accused of Making Black Women Look Bad + LHHNY Star Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Things have been going good for Cardi B, but that doesn’t mean the rapper and reality star doesn’t still have critics.

But don’t expect her to take the criticism in stride.

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  1. Black people need to stop this crap…..I dnt see White people doing this to their own kind. Cardi B is a grown a$$ woman if she chooses to act like herself which is what she is doing that is her biz….she doesn’t represent me nor am I embarrassed as long as she isn’t saying “Fck Black people or Black issues” like Lil Wayne did I dnt see what the problem is….Cardi represents herself like every1 who isn’t in power should ….she isn’t the president of the US or Queen of England let her be and do her thing….I seriously think some folks are just jealous of how far and quick Cardi came up from just being her damn self

  2. It’s sad that even some black people don’t see us as individuals. They also believe we should be grouped with labels that don’t even apply to all of us. Cardi is responsible for Cardi. I don’t really care what she chooses to do one way or the other. It’s not my life and she doesn’t represent every black woman out here.

  3. So angry and bitter. Cardi isn’t a role model and it’s impossible for one black woman to represent all of us. So she can sit down somewhere with this.

  4. Black women have been disrespecting themselves way before CardiB showed up on the reality screen. Tammy Roman, Gloria and her sister, Nene, Kenya, Kandi, Too many to name. Black women have been twerkin for the cameras, wearing see through clothing, or drouse for an outfit, feeling cute to mess with people husband (yeah I know it takes two) but when you know walk away and they don’t. CardiB represents her truth she walks in, not mine or anybody elses. Just hers. When she have to answer, it will never have to be to us.

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