Erykah Badu Defends Kanye West

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West has managed to anger a lot of his own fans as a result of his most recent tour drama, but Erykah Badu feels people should be sympathetic to the Chicago rapper.

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  1. Yeah, no. Some of us were making excuses for Kanye ten years ago. We now understand he is who he is and supporting him is completely optional. I’m good.

  2. It’s amazing how black people are supposed to support everybody no matter what kind of ignorance they spread about us. After what Kanye said about racism, he will never get my support again.

  3. I guess it’s trendy to speak out and defend Kanye. Now only if these same celebs had this much passion for their own people. Erykah is the same one who admitted on Twitter to being absolutely clueless about Black Lives Matter and the recent police brutality happenings. But she has all this compassion for Kanye, a certified stunt queen who is most likely pulling another stunt to get insurance money. I can’t with these people.

  4. Sorry but nobody is about to make me feel sorry for Kanye I just don’t. Do I think he has some problems yes I do but I feel like a lot of what Kanye is going through now he brought on himself.

  5. The people speaking up on his behalf now should have cared enough to pull him aside and give a friendly self-check when he started to self-destruct.

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