DMX Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

DMX is making headlines because he made some interesting comments during a recent performance and it has some folks scratching their heads.

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  1. Ain’t this the same man who was telling other men they could suck his d-ck in his music? I’ve been giving him the side eye since.

  2. People get so delusional when they become washed up. He’s not on top anymore because he’s a drug addict. So was he sucking d-ck back when Ruff Ruders was hot and he was the man? He’s always trying to place blame everywhere else but where it belongs.

  3. What he is saying is that his success is not built from sucking Di-ks of top industry executives as some others have been rumored to do.

  4. X hasn’t been successful in years though. The only time we hear about him is when he’s getting arrested for the 30th time this year or his ex wife is calling him out for being a deadbeat to his black kids (he takes care of his mixed/latina daughter though). No need to brag about your “pure success” when most people aren’t even checking for you today. He was probably high here anyway.

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