‘Insecure’ Actor Jay Ellis Sides with Lawrence After Heartbreaking Season One Finale

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night was the season one finale of “Insecure,” and the last few minutes have caused quite the debate on social media.

Click next for the details (spoilers ahead).

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  1. I really do feel bad for Issa but when you cheat, you are risking your relationship. It would have been great if Lawrence forgave her and went back to her but he really wasn’t obligated to do so. It’s just how it is.

  2. I saw more men on Lawrence’s side than women so make of that what you will. Anyway, I’m still sad. I loved them together. Daniel was not worth losing Lawrence.

  3. What gets me is men cheat all the time and expect women to forgive them and be ride or die. Yet they will not stay with a woman who cheated on them. Why the double standards?

    1. Yep…welp it’s going to be hard to get rid of this chick..lol…we all know how that goes especially with revenge fuk..lol

  4. I don’t fault him either. Issa is the one who cheated. She also took him for granted and didn’t even realize he was a good dude until after she slept with Daniel. He honestly deserves better. Issa needs to be single for a while and mature some.

  5. I think I had to side with Lawrence. He really thought they were working on their relationship meanwhile Issa was out here feening for her high school crush and only wanted to make things work with Lawrence after he got that video down for her when Daniel couldn’t.

    1. Men do it all the time etc ..I’m not really feeling Lawrence. Guess it carried over from watching the Game..lol

  6. Meh, I think the writers went in the wrong direction on this episode. Whenever black men are on Twitter jacking off to the story, you’ve made the wrong turn somewhere. I don’t want the show to lose the voice it had in the beginning, which is black woman centered.

  7. Team Lawrence here. But why are we characterizing the woman who works at the bank as “thirsty”? When he was coming into the bank as her customer, she was attracted to him but did not know he had a girlfriend. She was kind and polite while remaining professional. When they were having lunch together at the mall, she was clearly attracted to him, but did not know he had a girlfriend. Still, she kept it light and friendly. When she came to his job and invited him out, she found out that he had a girlfriend and we never saw her again until the final scene. Maybe I don’t have a clear understanding of what thirsty is, but it’s often used to negatively describe a person who will try all sorts of antics for attention. In this woman’s case, I just saw her being a nice, supportive, friendly single woman interested in a man she thought was single. When she found out he wasn’t, she backed off. That’s thirsty? Sometimes we are too quick to apply negative labels to other women oftentimes just for being human.

    1. She is thirsty though. I mean she really went to his job with her boobs all out to get his interest. It’s not the end of the world though.

    2. Perhaps she will show that thirst when he sobers up and she wants more..Revenge fuk can sometimes be the worse fuk

  8. I didn’t get to see the last episode so I dnt even knw why I came on here to read what happened……LOL..but Yeah I felt really bad when Issa decided to sleep wit the Daniel and Lawrence is a really good dude (it actually made me tear up). I was in a similar situation….but dude was from my job…I quickly realized that jeopardizing my long relationship for someone who clearly had no respect for me or the fact that I was in a relationship was not something worth it to me. And I made that clear to dude…I never gave him my cell #, never let him follow me on social medias….never met up wit him afterwork….nothing..we still work with each other (until I get a new job..hopefully soon not because of him just because im tired of this place) but we are cordial he knows where I stand..you can’t go around making mistakes like that in your 30s

  9. As much as it pains me to say this I think Lawrence is better off with that bank teller chick. Him and Issa just wanted different things. Issa didn’t support Lawrence’s entrepreneurial dreams, but Tasha encouraged it. And Daniel gave Issa what Lawrence couldn’t…excitement. They need to move on and it looks like Lawrence may be moving on first.

  10. I hope they dont get back together only for the banker to pop up preggers. That would be kinda close to the plot of The Game.

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