Amber Rose Gives Some Interesting Career Advice

Amber’s podcast, “Loveline with Amber Rose,” is the star’s opportunity to get raw about multiple topics and even give advice to callers.

On the most recent episode, a caller asked advice on how to deal with being so attracted to multiple guys at her job.

The caller didn’t want to sleep with people she works with but Amber thinks she should.

Amber gave the following advice:

“Girl, just f*ck ’em all, girl! That’s what I would do. Don’t put me around a ton of hot construction workers…I’m f*ckin’ them all, I don’t give a sh*t.”


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  1. That girl Amber gave advice to is about to be known as the “job slut” if she actually listened…good luck on that smh

  2. You can tell Amber has never had a real job a day in her life. Why on earth would anyone ask her for advice about anything? She’s completely clueless and one track minded. All she thinks about is s-x.

  3. And then when that woman takes her advice and gets called all types of hoes at work, she’ll come back to Amber and Amber will tell her that she’s merely a victim of being slut shamed and that all those men are fuckboys.
    The end.

    1. Couldnt of said it better myself, the fact anyone would take advice from her anyway shows they clearly have no common sense

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