1. How does anyone think this is funny? Or even acceptable? Feel how you want about Kenya but it’s not cool to find humor in her mother abandoning her. People are ridiculous.

      1. Sure was. Let’s not forget threatening Phaedra while she was pregnant. Kenya is no victim. If she can dish it she better be ready to take it too.

    1. Do we need to refresh your memory about some of the vile things Kenya has said while she’s been on the show? Because you’re talking like you forgot. Chile…

    1. But has she ever made fun of anyone for not having a parent in their life? Think about it. She could have shaded Sheree for her not having her daddy in her life but she didn’t and won’t. Kenya has class, something these other girls don’t have.

  2. It makes my a-s itch when these Kenya stans cheer she instigates, escalates and then continuously takes swipes at and bully people, but as soon as her feelings are hurt or some shade is thrown her way, she’s somehow the victim.

    Moral of the day is never speak on another’s mother if you don’t want your lack of one to be tossed in your face….simple!

  3. I luv how Sheree be having Kenya speechless….and pls to that Kenya stan Kenya stays bullying and saying inappropriate stuff like when she was talking about Mama Joyce wig (LMAO) she is a trouble maker

  4. The way I see it Kenya need to just Shut her pie hole. She is forever hitting below the belt so she dishes it, she damn sure need to get it.

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