Samatha Throws Some Shade, Yandy Remains Unbothered

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees’ baby mama Samantha have been clashing plenty on the current season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” and the drama is spilling over onto social media too.

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  1. Umm but they aren’t married though. Why is Yandy and her stans still trying to pretend that sham of a wedding was real? She’s just another baby mama like the rest of them. No need to be bigheaded.

    1. Right. I can’t believe people are really on Twitter talking about the marriage is real even though it’s not legal. The hell? HOW?

  2. So Yandy is really going to keep going with the lies huh? Until that marriage is recognized legally by the state, they ain’t married.

  3. Both of them need to have a seat. Yandy needs to stop pretending that she didn’t spill her own tea about not being married for real and Samantha needs to stop pretending she’s some wonderful mother when the tea has been spilled about her as well by Mendeecees’ sister and mom. They are all a hot mess.

  4. Well in Yandy’s defense she is more married then most of the females claiming wifey status and are really side chicks with a baby. Also, I wouldn’t sign papers either because NY will come after her coins for that Child Support in his absence just like California which they consider it to be community property. She should move to Texas because they only go after the parent of the child as opposed to the spouse. So yeah, I would wait to marry him as well.

  5. Whats the issue? Half the women out there have no problem being called wifey and pretending they are married, why not her?
    None of it is real

  6. A lot of excuses are being made for Yandy and now I’m starting to see what the young lady was saying about Yandy’s supporters on here the other day. Sure, there are women out here calling themselves wifey and whatnot, but I don’t see them having full fledged weddings on TV paid by TV networks. This is also an issue when you’re constantly looking down on your man’s exes and telling them they are nothing more than his baby mamas. Yandy lied and I can’t help but change my perception of her now knowing she has no problem lying about things to this extent.

  7. Yandy is a bird but she gets a pass because she went to college. But that doesn’t change sh-t. She was on TV talking sh-t to Mendeecees exes because she had a ring but the whole time that ring ain’t even mean sh-t.

  8. LMAO Mendecees luvs messing with delusional, fraudulent, lying opportunist type of women……I think the only 1 that may not be all the above is Erica…but we will see

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