Blac Chyna Blocked from Becoming a Karashian by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna is planning on becoming a Kardashian via her upcoming marriage to Rob, but rumor has it his sisters are doing everything they can to make sure she doesn’t take on the family name.

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  1. I think anyone can see Chyna has been wanting to become a Kardashian for a long time. She idolizes them. It’s actually pathetic to see someone this obsessed. But let her fans tell it, she won. Smh.

    1. How did she win though? She got knocked up by the brokest Kardashian. Rob’s a bum. This isn’t a come up at all.

  2. Chyna is such a sad example of some black women’s unwarranted obsession with the Kardashians. They aren’t anyone to admire and want to be like. And it’s so obvious that they look down on most black women anyway unless you’re Beyonce. And they even tried to turn her into one of their lackeys. I still can’t believe Serena Williams allowed herself to walk behind Kim like she’s a lesser. Terrible.

  3. According to documents, Kim and her sisters feel that if Blac gets to use their name, the brand will: “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill.” >>>>>>> Hilarious. That whole family is completely full of themselves and society made a huge mistake in making them think they are important. They are still a joke to most of us with sense. There’s no goodwill. No good reputation. They are trash so there’s no need in them being so worried about Chyna. I think she fits right in perfectly. She’s just as thirsty, calculated and just as much of an opportunist as the klan. It works. Time for them to get over it.

  4. So Kim is an ex p-rn star but the ex stripper who’s legitimately marrying the only Kardashian isn’t allowed to use her name that will be legally given to her and profit from it because these whores say otherwise? Gtfoh! Their reputation was already tarnished the minute Kim sucked Ray J’s d-ck on camera.

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