Evelyn Lozada Gives Wedding Update

Evelyn Lozada originally told fans that she wasn’t rushing to marry fiance Carl Crawford because they just had a baby and she wanted to adjust to the changes.

Now the couple is focused on tying the knot, and she gave an update on the big day.

When asked about the wedding, Evelyn says:

“If you know Carl, Carl is super private. Like when I tell you people are like oh he played for the Dodgers, he’s probably out there. No, he’s very under the radar. He gets uncomfortable if I post him on Instagram. He’s just that guy. So, it is going to happen next year. We’ll leave it open like that so that everybody’s not blowing up our phones.”

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  1. She’s crazy as hell for doing BBW again and she knows her man is insanely private. She may push him away doing the show again.

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