Phaedra Parks Has a New Boo?

According to reports, Phaedra Parks is currently dating Tim Norman from “Welcome to Sweetie Pies.”

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Tim Norman has found love yet again, with a new reality star. The Welcome To Sweetie Pies star is dating Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks. This news comes after it was reported that he was dating former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams.

Tim and Phaedra, who recently confirmed her divorce to Apollo Nida, have been dating for two months. According to a report, they met while Phaedra visited and dined at his Sweetie Pies Upper Crust restaurant.

A source says,

Since then, she’s been to St. Louis and Los Angeles several times to spend time with him. He also travels to Atlanta to see her. They haven’t gone public, but it’s no secret to those who know them that they are together.

So what happened ended Tim and Jennifer’s relationship? Neither have confirmed their split and reportedly things just fizzled out between the pair.

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  1. She really has a thing for men who’s been in jail doesn’t she? I dont see why she likes him he has girly hips! Say what you want about Apollo but at least he’s nice looking with a nice body.

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