Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris’ Unofficial Marriage Explained

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith made headlines recently because a clip of her admitting her marriage to Mendeecees Harris isn’t legal went viral.

Some were suspecting they didn’t make things official because Yandy didn’t want to end up being responsible for his debt and child support payments while he’s serving time in prison.

However, Mendeecees’ family claims that’s not the reason.

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  1. I see Mona is playing clean up now. Mona can’t have her favorite out here looking like the common bird. No, that’s only reserved for Mendeecees other baby mommas. Smfh.

  2. All this to say, that no, they aren’t married. Why is that so hard for Yandy to say? All this calling Mendeecees her husband on Instagram when he still isn’t is very weak to me. I expect that from immature young women, not from a grown woman with kids and businesses.

  3. Sounds like more excuses. I would just think all of this would have been figured out before they agreed to get married on TV.

  4. Let’s call a thing a thing. They knew they weren’t legally married this whole time, yet they didn’t say nothing until it was time to start filming LHHNY. That’s very dishonest and shady to me. Even now Yandy is still calling him her husband and telling his exes they are nothing but baby mommas. That’s why I can’t help but give her the side eye.

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