Photos: Apollo Nida & Fiancee Do Photo Shoot in Prison

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that Apollo Nida is already engaged to another woman, and prison isn’t standing in the couple’s way in the least bit.

Now they are even doing photo shoots in prison.

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  1. This is so embarrassing. I really don’t understand some women. Out of all the men outside of prison, Apollo is the best she can do.

  2. What does she think is going to happen when he gets out tho? He only wanted the visits and his commissary full…..that’s it.

  3. He’s just trying to make sure he has a place to stay when he gets out. I hope she figures that out sooner than later

  4. Does homegirl not have any friends or family members who love her enough to tell her how stupid she looks? Apollo is in jail for fraud and this ain’t his first time in the rodeo. Not to mention the timing makes him look opportunistic. But hey, maybe she’s using him too to get a peach. ?

  5. While all of you guys are thinking she’s being desperate I’m sure she has a plan. if she dates him now when he gets out, everybody is going to want to hear there story he’ll be back on the show, she will be on the show with him, then she will become well known and then she can promote her real estate business and probably become a star of her own and then she won’t care if it works out between them or not.

  6. Someone on here already said she’s only with him so she can get on RHOA and I believe her. I doubt her real estate business is doing well because if it was, she’d have access to better men and better opportunities. Bravo pays better than other networks, but she won’t make enough money for this to be worth it in my opinion. Look how “rich b*tch” Nene Leakes is having problems paying bills and Kenya can’t even pay Janet Hubert. They aren’t getting paid as much as people think they are. Anyway I’m glad Phaedra moved on.

  7. The f-ck? People are really doing any got damn thing now to get on TV like being on a reality show is a career to aspire to. That’s some sad sh-t. Most of these people doing the most don’t even make that much money. That’s why we always hear about them being sued for not paying bills and they hop from show to show because they live paycheck to paycheck. The only people that may be doing good for themselves is the Kardashians and even that sh-t is questionable.

  8. I’m just starting to think both of them are opportunists. And it’s working because she will already be on RHOA this season. But she better be smart with her coins because she won’t get rich from this. Even NeNe got drunk and admitted during one her standups that she’s broke now.

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