Rick Ross Not Buying Kanye’s Mental Breakdown

Weeks ago, Kanye West made headlines because he dragged Beyonce and Jay Z during a performance, and even endorsed Donald Trump.

Then of course, the rapper angered his own fans when he kept cancelling shows left and right.

Interestingly enough, it was later revealed that the rapper actually donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

After many began to suspect that Kanye’s rant about the Carters and endorsement of Trump was just a means to get attention, his camp later claimed he had been rushed to the hospital because he was having a mental breakdown.

Some suspect Ye may be pulling a stunt and Rick Ross agrees:

#rickross says #kanyewest played YALL if u thought he was going crazy!

A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akademikstv) on

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  1. Kanye met with Donald Trump today and couldn’t wait to take a picture with him. He’s probably begging to perform at the Inauguration. He’s not mentally ill. Just an egomaniac who loves attention.

  2. I’m not buying it either. He married into a family that will do absolutely anything for attention. Kris Jenner is probably planning an album and comeback tour as we speak to capitalize off this stunt.

  3. I agree and always felt like Kanye was attn. seeking…..meanwhile The Carter’s stay unbothered by the peasantry

  4. I’m not buying it either. Kanye is a fame whore just like the family he married into. He will fake a mental breakdown if it will get the media talking about him everyday.

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