As Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce Take Shots, Phaedra Parks Remains Unbothered

We told you that Kandi Burruss is the one who brought back life to those Mr. Chocolate rumors, and Mama Joyce accused Phaedra Parks of assisting Apollo Nida with his crimes.

Despite all these nasty accusations made, Phaedra doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Here’s an excerpt from her recent interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish:

“Well you know I think Mama Joyce is obsessed with me, because when you’re destined for greatness, people will be obsessed with your spirit and your aura,” Phaedra told The Daily Dish. “So she’s attracted to me, like most people, her attraction just went into the level of obsession. My life is full enough that I don’t have to bother with worrying about others because I’m doing things that interest me — and she doesn’t actually interest me.”

Phaedra also doesn’t seem very interested in planning any spa days with Kandi anytime soon. “Kandi and I were good friends at one point in time, very close friends, and that season has passed,” she said. “So I have no ill will against Kandi. Her name is not in my mouth. It is what it is and I’ve accepted it and hopefully she will soon accept it. We aren’t friends and I’m fine with it. My life doesn’t depend on anything that happens with her and her life.”

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  1. Y’all know how this goes. Phaedra will pay them dust until she is ready to leave them edgeless with one of her legendary reads. I think she will do it at the reunion.

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