Mendeecees Harris Speaks out Amid Baby Mama Drama

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mendeecees may be locked up for federal drug charges, but that doesn’t mean he’s not able to give his two cents about all the drama that’s been going down in his absence.

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  1. Him and Yandy need to stop trying to pretend like they are some power couple and own up to the fact that they are both messy as hell. They have been fronting on TV for a long time now but the truth is out. They are frauds.

  2. But he isn’t disgusted with the way Yandy has been acting though and talking to the mothers of his other children? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This is just another attempt to shut up Samantha and Erika. They are really lucky that they have Mona and the producers in their back pockets. Clowns.

  3. I’m so over him and Yandy and that high horse they keep riding on. So quick to call the other baby mommas messy but they are even messier!

  4. A piece of paper doesn’t make a marriage. Its the love ,bond, connection, the union, respect, commitment, tht you have with your partner. Haters…..stop hating. Let’s keep it real ladies. what woman doesn’t want to have a love like theirs. ####@teamyandyteammendeecees

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