NeNe Leakes Feels Redeemed After Kandi Burruss Exposed Phaedra Parks

We told you that Kandi Burruss is so done with Phaedra Parks that she’s decided to go for her former bestie’s jugular.

In a confession during the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi actually accused Phaedra of cheating on Apollo while they were still married.

She claims Phaedra had something going on with “Mr. Chocolate,” and Phaedra was just counting down the days until she would finally be free from Apollo.

Kandi has been getting backlash on social media from some of the RHOA fans because they feel like she betrayed Phaedra, even though they are no longer close.

Interestingly enough, some fans find Kandi hypocritical because when Phaedra got on good terms with NeNe, Kandi got upset and claimed NeNe is incapable of being a true friend to anyone.

NeNe seems to find all of it hypocritical too and a moment of revelation since she’s always believed Kandi is bothered by her:

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  1. I’m glad NeNe is getting a kii out of all this. Kandi swore up and down she wasn’t pressed about NeNe but we see that’s a lie.

  2. Nene needs to stay out of this and let the drama speak for itself. Kandi is fake as hell and you don’t spill someone’s tea just because you’re not close anymore. Now if Phaedra did that to her, she’d be mad as hell.

  3. I know Kenya’s stans are riding for Kandi now, but everyone else thinks all of this just makes Kandi very fake. Funny when they call Phaedra “Fakedra” though. Hypocrisy all around.

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