Samantha Responds to Mendeecees + Erika Calls out Yandy

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Yandy Smith continues to go toe to toe with Mendeecees Harris’ baby mamas on social media and the current season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” it’s pretty clear that the bad blood may not be going away anytime soon.

The other day Mendeecees took to social media to make it clear that he’s disgusted with his exes, but Samantha and Erika aren’t backing down.

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  1. They really need to be smart and realize the producers are always going to make sure Yandy looks good. She is Mona’s intern so they are fighting a losing battle here. They would both be better off finding love with better quality of men than Mendeecees. That alone would make Yandy seethe.

    1. But Yandy doesn’t look good. The only people buying her fake boss image are young and naive people who don’t know any better. Yandy is a college educated black woman who has a fake marriage to a jail bird who has two other baby mamas. And what is she doing this season? Disrespecting them and pretending to be a wife when she isn’t. She keeps sticking that ring in their faces and talking to them like dogs while pretending to give a damn about their kids. She looks absolutely ridiculous this season.

      1. Regardless of her personal wows Yandy has had a career spanning back 10 years so dont discredit that to validate your point. She is a buisness woman and her achievements are commendable.

        1. No, her achievements are commendable to YOU. And that’s ok but I don’t see her resume the same way you do. I see smokescreens, you see a boss chick. Oh well.

  2. I really wish Erika could have slapped Yandy before security stepped in. Yandy is so disrespectful and she’s only doing the most because she always has someone to hide behind (Mona, VH1, Mendeecees, Judy, Mendeecees sister, etc.). She’s so fake and scary.

    1. I don’t know she could even legally do that if they aren’t married. So it has to be staged right? Yandy could be arrested if she did that for real.

  3. All this is too much. I think all should cease and go back in their corners. If they don’t want their kids around Yandy’s kids or Yandy, they should wait until Mendecee get out and deal with the issues then. Yes it is a reality show and yes the cameras have to roll because they get paid for the juicy but now it’s like the women are fighting really about the man and not the kids. I think if they have or had their own relationship the kid thing would never be an issue. Yandy just needs get with Mendecee and discuss marriage on “Paper” and make it official. They already had the wedding now they just need to do the legal situation. If not, then she should step out of the way and let Mendecee handle his own children with the mothers.

  4. I can admit I was trying to really ride with Yandy at first but I can’t side with her anymore. I think the last episode just showed that she’s very spiteful, vindictive and mean spirited. She says she cares about the kids, but look how she’s treating their mothers. Then she actually had to the nerve to have the locks changed on Erika’s apartment as if her son was a nonfactor in her decision. She is wrong.

  5. All of them look dumb. And when I say all of them, include Mendeecees and his trifling a-s sister and mother as well.

  6. Yandy is so full of sh-t. And the crazy thing is, Mendeecees wouldn’t even be f-cking with her if she wasn’t on TV. But her dumb a-s can’t even see that sh-t because she’s too busy getting her self esteem from a fake a-s marriage. Damn bird.

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