Yandy Smith Defends Feuding with Erika

Yandy Smith has been pretty brutal when it comes to her feud with Mendeecees Harris’ baby mama Erika, but she’s defending her actions in an interview with VH1.

When asked about all the drama, Yandy says:

“Going into this season, I can’t say what the respect level was for Erika because I don’t know her. Her and I don’t communicate. We don’t have a relationship. I know she takes good care of her child. But as the season goes on and it progressed, I found out that she’s making claims that just don’t seem to check out for me.

“My husband and I, we choose to let you stay in an apartment so you can get off your mother’s couch. And you want to throw that back in my face and say, ‘that’s why me and him share a lease together.’ Oh, I’ma show you how much of a lease you share when I change the locks because I have a key. I’ve always had a key to that place. So I can come and go as I choose, hence the reason I use that place for storage in the closet…the walk-in closet, yeah I use that for my storage…me and my kids.

“I change the locks. I don’t like you throwing it in my face like you got something over me so now you kicked out. What happened? See, the thing about me people need to understand is I’m multidimensional. I’m Yandy in the corporate room. I can give you Oprah all day. At home I can give you Susie the homemaker. You mess with my family, you’re going to get Yandy from Grant Projects because that’s where she’s from and she’s going to give you what you give her.”

Check out the video below:

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    1. Because being the wife is the only advantage she had over the other two. Without it, she’s just another baby mama with a man in prison.

  1. Yandy not fooling me all her anger and all her resentment against Erika and Samantha is because she is just like them just a baby mama. She trying so ba d to prove she ain’t but that’s exactly what she is.

  2. She sounds like a bird. She just admitted she’s only doing the most because she felt Erika was trying to one up her. How insecure can you get?

  3. Yandy continues to make a fool out of herself. And how is Erika coming for her family? All Erika has been saying is that she wasn’t a fling and Yandy seems real bothered about that.

  4. I can see right through Yandy. She’s very insecure and Erika gets under her skin because she knows Erika and Mendeecees had a real relationship. Plus Mendeecees was with Erika after him and Yandy broke up. That’s what the real issue is. And this whole I’m his wife thing is just a way for her to feel better about the situation (him being locked up) and her being his third bm. She knows she played herself but she’s too proud to admit that. So she better hope and pray he doesn’t end up cheating on her because the majority of us are going to be pointing and laughing like Nelson from the Simpsons.

  5. All I heard was SQUAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yandy is mad cause Erika is defending herself…its obvious she had more going on with MDC dude was at her baby shower cheesing…Dudes that aren’t involved with you aren’t going to attend your baby shower and look happy about it…even though I never fully cared for Yandy I thought she was smarter

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