After Latest Drama, Miss Tina Decides to Take a Break from Social Media

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Social media can be a messy place for celebrities and having an online presence can also be an issue for their loved ones.

Beyonce and Solange’s mother Miss Tina learned it’s probably best to take a break from social media now that she’s involved in another messy situation.

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  1. I honestly knew things would eventually go left for her. When you’re related to Beyonce, people will always be waiting for you to slip because in their sad little minds, they think Beyonce is perfect. I’m sure a lot of them got satisfaction from this.

  2. After the update, it’s more believable that she liked the comment on accident. Hell I’ve done that multiple times myself. They need to move the like button from the right side of the screen because that’s where your thumb is going to be anyway when you scroll.

  3. Accidentally liking a comment on Instagram after the update is more believable then liking a picture and not reading the caption. Just saying.

  4. I believe her just as I did Riri and many others who have made the same mistake including my self. I often like many of my friends post without paying attention to captions sometimes just because they are my friend. Just today, I mistakenly liked a comment on a TI and Tiny post of someone objectifying her

    1. Exactly but let the Hive tell it Rihanna is pressed and meant to like that post. I’m not surprised they are changing their tune now that it happened to Miss Tina. Whatever.

  5. Something is really wrong with you when you are trolling the net trying to start Internet drama with someone’s 60 year old mother. What in the world is wrong with people?

  6. Momma Tina has a beautiful and kind soul. She loves Jennifer and even invited her to her birthday party a while back. Her and Bey are also friends and love each other. This was a mistake. People need to leave her alone. Besides, J-Hud didn’t even sound bad in the video.

  7. Lmao…….Grandparents need to stay off of IG. I am soooo happy my mother isn’t into that or knows anything about it…bad enough she’s on Youtube believing everything she reads off of their

  8. I hit the Like button accidently all the time. People do all the time. I don’t know why the world is so sensitive. She apologized to Jennifer and let her know it was an error. I don’t see why this is explosive. If Tina likes to play on social media than she should. Stupid a-s people just need to get a life and shut the hell up.

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