Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Exchange Threats (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Soulja Boy has found a new feud target in Chris Brown.

Hours after the blogs caught on to the former “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star liking Karrueche’s Instagram pictures, things escalated.

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  1. Why are gangs go appealing to Chris and Dre? Both of them have money and platforms that help them make a living outside of gangs yet they want to be around that lifestyle anyway. It’s so weird to me.

    1. I believe Chris. Soulja Boy was just out here lying about killing somebody. The police department confirmed he lied.

  2. If this is true, then Chris looks really stupid. Karrueche has moved on. I didn’t think she would ever do it but she did. She has her own career now and she’s not going back to Chris’ messiness. So he needs to move on too. I thought he had a new Karrueche wannabe anyway? So why is he still thinking about her?

  3. Chris isn’t feuding with Soulja Boy. He just said this whole thing is beneath him and he never called him and he’s going to focus on his music since Soulja Boy just wants attention. I think by now it should be noticeable how desperate for relevance Soulja Boy is.

  4. I wish Karrueche never said anything. Everytime she ignores Chris, it makes him bitter and that’s exactly how she should keep it. Pay him dust and keep doing your thing.

  5. Chris sounds like an abuser in his response to Karrueche. The whole “I made you!” and “I f’d your friends!” digs are just meant to make her feel bad about herself. He’s gross.

  6. Lmao Karrueche probably called Soulja Boy and planned out this whole thing. Her pimp, I mean manager would tell her to do something like that. I mean no one, NO ONE has talked about her for months. I don’t even like Chris but I see what he’s talking about. She can’t get attention unless it has to do with Chris. I mean girl you got a DAYTIME Emmy but you can’t get out of Chris’ shadow so what does that say? Would you have gotten that Emmy if he never dated you? I think she knows the answer. Lmao!

  7. Chris is an abuser…. she’s allowed to speak & say whatever she wants… and he comes in to “put her in her place & make her look foolish” I hate that he’s remained famous, he needs to be shunned …..

  8. I’m surprised Kae said anything. She’s been ignoring him for months. That’s why he’s been trying to get her attention. He’s dragging her but he’s the one who wanted her attention this whole time. Sadly, he finally got it. And with that, he feels like he’s in control again. I know everyone isn’t equipped to ignore nonsense, but everyone would be better off it they did.

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