1. Now if Instagram which is now owned by Facebook bans her too, she is going to lose her mind. She lives for the attention and saying outrageous stuff on social media is the only way she can get it.

  2. I know she’s somewhere acting a fool about this. Especially since she’s someone who prides herself on being able to get attention when she wants it, but she can’t manage to make the attention she gets put money in her pockets because she’s so unlikable therefore no one wants to deal with her.

  3. You’d think with all that chicken blood she shed that she would’ve at least gotten a bomb ass career out of the deal. Even the folks she’s blasted are doing better than she is. Time to hang up that broomstick! Lol

  4. Oh no how can she sell her spells and bleaching kits now? Oh wait, she still has Instagram. I need Facebook to go ahead and delete that too.

  5. Ok so I missed the whole ritual thing. This girl is such a delusional thirst bucket. She loves attention and puts more effort into getting attention than having a legitimate career. And her ritual didn’t even work so what was the point?

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