More Bad News for Kim Burrell

Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like there’s more bad news for Kim Burrell since her anti-gay sermon went viral on social media.

Just days after her performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was cancelled, now reports are suggesting she lost her radio show too.

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  1. Sad people on here. Say and do what you want to black people and nothing happens. Speak against gays and your whole life changes. Yet the enlightened black folks on here are ok with that cheering on her downfall

    1. I am black and gay and I am so tired of y’all going there!!!! It’s like yall want us to choose between our blackness and being gay. It’s sick and wrong!!!!! We are both!!!!! You have no idea what it’s like to be black and gay and see your own black people tell you to shut up and take the abuse from Christians!!!!! And by the way, black gays have been riding for our black community for years!!!!! It is the black gays who even started Black Lives Matter!!!!! Plus racists are getting fired left and right for their antics!!!!! Some of them have even been posted about on this blog!!!! The most recent being the idiots who came for the First Lady and I believe the racist manager was fired from Victoria’s Secret!!!!! If they can get fired, Kim can take these L’s too!!!!! And honestly, you should be against hate and oppression of any kind if you’re supposed to be so woke!!!!!!! It’s not gays vs. blacks because both groups are oppressed plus there’s a such thing as black gays so just stop!!!!!

      1. You don’t have to choose, Hershey. Try not to let anyone on here upset you. I’m not gay, but I really do feel for black people who are in your shoes. Why? Because y’all deal with hate from all sides of the coin. It’s sad.

    2. Huh? I didn’t know black people on here had to choose. The last time I checked I was pro black and pro gay. I’m also pro Native American, etc. as well. I will never side with the oppressor in any situation. And people have been getting fired for being racist left and right since the beginning of social media. In fact, there’s an entire Tumblr blog dedicated to posting about racists being fired for the sick crap they have said online, hence the alt right crying about the elimination of free speech (even though that’s not even what free speech means). So I’m not sure what your point is blackrose. Maybe it’s easier for you to just come out and say you support Kim Burrell and you’re annoyed that more people on here don’t mirror your views?

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