Kim Burrell Gets Uninvited to Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards + Shirley Caesar Backtracks

In just a matter of days, Kim Burrell lost her radio show and was axed from performing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and now she will no longer be able to attend the Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards.

Page Six writes:

Gospel singer Kim Burrell continues to face backlash after a video of her delivering a homophobic sermon went viral last week. BMI has uninvited Burrell from attending its Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards ceremony on Jan. 14.

“Given the controversy surrounding this year’s co-honoree Kim Burrell, we have asked her to not take part in the ceremony in order to allow the focus to remain on the songwriters and their music,” a rep for the performing rights organization said in an exclusive statement to Page Six.

Burrell was supposed to be honored at the ceremony along with gospel singer Marvin Sapp. “BMI was founded over 76 years ago with an open door policy to welcome songwriters across all genres, and that same spirit of tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness continues today,” the statement read.

In related news, it looks like Shirley Caesar is backtracking.

We told you days ago that Shirley seem to support Kim Burrell’s controversial sermon and she even suggested that all pastors should start banning phones from church so their sermons don’t cause backlash.

However, Shirley is now claiming that she doesn’t agree with Kim Burrell and it’s important to love everyone.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Shirley Caesar is addressing remarks that she made earlier this week, which some believed were supporting Kim Burrell’s anti-gay sermon. She explains during an interview with Bishop George Bloomer,

“I know who I am. I would never say anything to harm anybody. There’s no way I’m going to say something ugly about anybody. I don’t have time to. I’m in the fourth quarter of my life, and I’m doing everything I can to be the best humanitarian and best person that I can be.”

She further clarifies her comments about Burrell, saying:

“What I was saying was, why now? Why break up your life now to be bothered with something like that. That was then, this is now. Let’s go forward now with our lives. To every community…let’s go on with our lives. Time is too short.”

Caesar added:

“The Bible says that ‘By this the shall all men know we’re his disciples, if you love one another.’ [Jesus] did not say whether they were a part of the LGBT or the NAACP. He just says love me.”

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  1. If BMI removes a gospel singer from its program for speaking the gospel truth spreading the words of GOD then they didnt remove her GOD did!! The only thing this woman is guilty of is trying to make money on a on shows that are not BLESSED by GOD she need to spread the word to people that want a relationship with GOD and leave all these demonic people to themselves!! Kim you cant save a person that doesnt want to be saved!!

    1. She did not speak hate she merely spoke whats in the bible homos-xuality is an abomination GODs words not hers!! You rejoiced to the rejection she got but hate when she rejects you who are the hypocrite, which one of you are judging the others decisions in life????

      1. Actually, those were Paul’s words. Jesus, who is God in human form, never spoke on homos-xuality. I mean do you guys even read your own Bible? You post a lot of inaccurate things on here about your own religion. Weird.

      2. Wait, you’re calling me a hypocrite? Projection much? Let’s break this down though. I said Kim Burrell spoke negativity and hate because

        A. She said all gays would die in 2017 (I thought y’all weren’t supposed to judge according to Jesus himself)
        B. She made fun of Andrew Caldwell’s speech Impediment causing him to have suicidal thoughts (how is that Godly?)
        C. Not once did she say God loves the gays despite their sins (Jesus was sacrificed so that God’s children could be forgiven for their sins but y’all aren’t very forgiving for some reason)
        D. She condemned them to hell (again, this is a sin in itself)

        Now, you are supposed to be a Christian but saw no red flags about any of that when God has been pretty clear about how believers are supposed to love all, preach love and be a reflection of Jesus Christ himself, who spoke of forgiveness and even hung around sinners to encourage them. Kim didn’t speak of forgiveness, she spoke ignorance, arrogance and hatred. You identify with her because you too aren’t much like Christ but to feel better about your shortcomings as a Christian, you focus on homos-xuality, the one sin you don’t commit. Perhaps you should actually study Jesus and not the Kims of the world so you can become a better Christian. I can tell from a lot of your comments on here that you don’t know much about your religion or the Bible itself. But because I’m not petty, I left you and your ridiculous comments alone. But since you have engaged me first, I’ll entertain you and point out your hypocrisy as well as Kim’s. You’re also sinning by coming on this gossip blog. Gossiping is a sin, yet here you are. You’re a true hypocrite sweetheart.

  2. smh Why is that Christians like Kim only recognize one sin? Is it because they are committing the others on a regular basis? I’ve always wondered. I mean Kim is walking around here overweight and committing gluttony, judging other people, and sending people to Hell, all things God said He does not approve of. And she also said gays will die in 2017. But that’s no demonic though, huh Dee Dee? Yall are nothing like Jesus. So sad.

    1. Glad u recognized Barbie that homos-xuality is a sin! People sin but recognize what they did is inappropriate and some never do it again and others walk around with the guilt for a life time. But, when you know what your doing is sinful and you take delite in it any want the world to embrace it and when they dont you feel that they are spewing hate no one has to approve of your life style or except it if you feel what your doing is normal then why do you want the approval of Christians why care we dont need your approval of us.

      1. Do you go to church on Sundays? Do you celebrate Christmas? Easter? Do you eat pork? Do you eat shellfish? Judge others? Have you had s-x before marriage? Do you over eat? Those are all sins yet you and others who claim to be Christians do these things. Y’all only focus on gays to take the heat off your own sins. You are a sinner too. So is Kim. You guys are nothing like Jesus and I see right through y’all. And gays don’t want your approval, you arrogant person. They want respect. Like blacks, they want equal rights and to be left alone by people like you. They are still human beings. Leave them alone and stop expecting them to let you use their platforms to make money if you don’t respect them. And you are not God. Only God can judge but y’all walk around here like y’all have the power to say who’s going to hell or not. Well you don’t so get over yourself.

        1. All the years I’ve been visiting this blog, I have never seen you get someone together before. I love it and completely agree with you boo.

          1. I know but I’m just so fed up right now. I’m so sick of how hypocritical and fake these people are. Instead of drawing people to God and the church, they are turning people off in droves and people have lost faith in the church smh.

  3. This whole situation has made me really give a lot of people the side eye. Black people bash gays just like these racist whites bash us for being black. And just like the used the Bible to justify enslaving us and their rabid hate, this is what’s happening with this Kim Burrell situation. I don’t see the love in them Jesus preached about. Not even a little bit.

    1. Just because a person or persons disagrees with the homos-xual life style doest mean theyre bashing or spewing hate. It is a disagreement. I feel that you guys use all your time trying to fit into the heteros-xual world instead of embracing who you are and recognizing the difference. As there are alot of whites that dont like blacks but we are not trying to force them to either we are just living our lives and leaving theirs alone and visa versa! Ifore self love was taught by family, doctors and Psychologist we wouldnt be faced with these problems! Trying to become anything or anyone besides the person you were born to be will not make you happy you will always long for an identity, your life will be like a movie always playing a role!!

      1. I’m not gay so what do you mean by “you guys”? And you may want to stop with the whole Blacks aren’t trying to force whites to do anything argument because the whole entire Civil Rights Movement was us forcing whites to treat us like humans. Even to this day we as a people are still fighting for equality from whites. Gays are in the same boat as black people. They want equal rights and to no longer be punching bags for hypocritical, angry and hateful Christians. And black gays have it the worst because they get hate twice over. I swear you sound just like a racist Trump supporter. Banging on your computer about why you don’t have to accept people who are different from you just like those racists do. Go somewhere with your foolishness.

        1. “I swear you sound just like a racist Trump supporter. Banging on your computer about why you don’t have to accept people who are different from you just like those racists do. Go somewhere with your foolishness.”

          Thank you!

  4. I don’t give a damn. Kim is obese (practices gluttony), divorced (another sin), and to be real, the Bible says it’s a sin for a woman to even be a pastor. She’s nothing but a got damn hypocrite choosing which sins to give a damn about like 99% of Christians do any damn way. That’s why I don’t give a sh-t about all the money she’s losing. Don’t call out one sin if you ain’t going to acknowledge the others. And I got time today so respond if you want to. I don’t give a f-ck and I won’t be civil either because I know most Christians ain’t sh-t anyway. Bring it.

  5. As Ms. Jackson already pointed out, the Bible has pretty much called out a large number of sins and women aren’t even supposed to be allowed in the pulpit. But a lot of Bible thumpers consider that sin to be archaic yet they don’t seem to think homos-xuality being a sin could be considered archaic as well. It’s like they only seem to care about one sin, but things like getting divorced, s-x before marriage and eating pork etc. aren’t an issue at all. Most black pastors don’t even preach about other sins and spend more time preaching about prosperity instead. These pastors have ATM machines in their churches and own private jets while their church members live paycheck to paycheck. This has become a norm because too many Christians don’t use logic. Hypocrisy and ignorance is a big thing when it comes to Christians. They hurt their own cause with this kind of behavior.

  6. Kim Burrell supporters would be much better off going out and putting money in her pocket by buying her music right now than online arguing with people all day and night.

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