Chris Brown Banned from 100 Gyms

According to reports, Chris was banned from 100 Lifetime Fitness Centers because he and his friends allegedly caused some ruckus at a New York location.

All Hip Hop writes:

It looks like Chris Brown’s training for his big fight against Soulja Boy has already gotten off to a bumpy start.

The singer landed in New York earlier today (January 7), and stopped by a Lifetime Fitness Center, with plans to work out with his crew.

Managers of the fitness center claim Chris and his crew were acting disrespectful, being loud and cussing while they were playing basketball.

Witnesses told that when Chris Brown was asked to leave he completely flipped out and even spat in anger on his way out.

Reps for Lifetime Fitness said that Chris was banned from all of their 100 locations across the country.

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  1. Absolutely pathetic. Everywhere Chris goes there’s a problem. It’s like he’s never going to get it together.

  2. Smh he is soooo angry and I don’t understand cause he has a lot of good things going for him. But he is too ignorant and foolish

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