Hypocritical? Amber Rose Explains Why She Can’t Date Men Who Go Both Ways

According to reports, Amber Rose revealed she doesn’t feel she could date a bis*xual man, despite being bis*xual herself.

The Daily Beast writes:

The revelation that Rose, herself bis*xual, would not consider dating a bi man— first highlighted by radio.com on Thursday—came toward the tail end of a new episode of the revamped Loveline radio show, a long-running relationship and dating advice program made famous by former host and reality TV star Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“Would you ever date a bis*xual guy?” was the discussion question, submitted to Rose via Facebook Live.

“No,” Rose responded, almost immediately. “Personally—no judgment—I wouldn’t be comfortable. I just wouldn’t be comfortable with it and I don’t know why.”

Her co-host, s*x therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue, was genuinely shocked at Rose’s answer and prompted her to “go further,” suggesting that she might be under the impression there would be more “competition” for a man’s affections if he were bis*xual. (As Donaghue later reminded her, the sheer number of people on the planet means that there is more than enough “competition” for anyone, regardless of orientation.)

“Maybe! Maybe that’s it,” Rose replied. But after Donaghue prodded her for a few more minutes—prompting Rose to reveal that she has been rejected by men because of her own bis*xuality—she finally opened up: “Maybe I’m not secure enough to be with a man that likes other men because I would feel like when he’s out with his boys, it’s just more of a moment.”

The painfully honest conversation perfectly illustrated the stigma that bis*xual men still face in the dating world, with Donaghue challenging Rose to explain what, exactly, she meant by the term “uncomfortable.” Rose struggled to piece together a clear answer and promised to revisit the subject in next week’s episode of Loveline, saying that she “can’t fully articulate it right now.”

Since the interview has become viral, many are accusing Amber of being hypocritical because she’s bis*xual herself and she’s only promoting the controversial belief that bis*xual men can’t be in committed relationships with women without lusting for men.

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  1. I kept trying to tell people Amber ain’t as open minded as she pretends to be. She uses gays to get her bank account loaded and that’s all. I bet she ain’t even bi too.

  2. It’s sad that a so called feminist would perpetuate harmful and double standards/stereotypes about bis-xual men but I expect nothing less from Amber.

  3. Amber just keeps proving that she will say anything at the moment just to advance herself. Now that she’s done using the gay community, her real feelings are starting to come out. And I hope people can see by now that she’s not even a real feminist. And she’s probably not even bi either, which is why she said what she said here. She’s a joke and pretty much just a knockoff version of a Kardashian.

  4. Oh please. Amber will date anyone if it will extend her 15 minutes and fatten her bank account. And isn’t Ye bi anyway? She literally let that man boss her around and dictate what she wore everyday. He also didn’t allow her to speak in public. We didn’t even hear her speaking voice until after he dumped her. She willingly became his puppet for the fame and money. So I don’t believe for a second that she won’t date a bi man. She will, she has and will do it again if it will keep her relevant.

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