Vivica Fox Slammed by Business Partner Amid Growing Controversy

Last week Vivica made headlines because she opened up about still loving 50 Cent despite their nasty social media feuds, and now she’s a hot topic once again because some feel she made some anti-gay remarks while promoting her new reality show.

Now the backlash could be affecting the show.

Her business partner Jean-Claude LaMarre is not happy with her right now.

TMZ writes:

Jean-Claude put Vivica in his movie, “Chocolate City” … which led to her spinning off ‘Black Magic’ into a TV show. You’ll recall, she was promoting the show last week on “The Breakfast Club” when she strongly objected to the suggestion gays were coming out to see her strippers.

As she put it … “Hell no!”

Now LaMarre tells TMZ … “The comments were out of order, and it does not represent our attitudes toward the LGBT community. All are welcomed.” He added, “Vivica speaks for herself not the business or the show.”

LaMarre will remain an Executive Producer on the reality show, and made it clear he wants ‘Black Magic’ to succeed — he just doesn’t want to work with Vivica anymore.

As for Vivica, she has taken to Twitter to deny being anti gay:

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  1. Vivica has always been weird about gay men. Just the other day she called some man a queen on Instagram just because he called her out on calling her dancers the help. She also accused 50 of being on the DL just to later admit to Wendy that she is still in love with him. And she retweeted a bigot on Twitter today as well who said she doesn’t have to agree with the gay lifestyle if she doesn’t want to. So how is she a longtime support of the gay community then? She’s not as bad as Kim Burrell but let’s call a spade a spade here.

    1. Agreed. I don’t think she will get the Kim Burrell treatment but she needs to be more media savvy. She’s been in the game too long for this.

  2. Sigh…I love Viv but she’s not being smart here. Saying hell no the way she did can be considered offensive. And I follow her on Twitter and her retweets aren’t helping her at all. She should humble herself and not let this get any worse. I’d hate for her show to get cancelled.

  3. She should have said this show is targeted to women to help combat the stigma about male dancers but of course gay men enjoying the show is cool too. I mean how hard is that to say? Man I need to get into PR. These celebrities don’t know how to do interviews to save their lives.

  4. *blank stare* Who cares if gay men come to the shows or not? That’s more money in her pocket! I swear some people are so dumb it hurts. Do better Vivica.

  5. Someone on here said black people are starting to treat gays like racists treat blacks. I thought they were doing the most and overdoing it but now I’m starting to see what they mean. These last few days have really caused me to reflect and get my mind right. I don’t want to be a hateful person to anyone and I need to do better.

  6. Another one bites the dust. All she had to do was say no because this is ladies night, however, we will have one for the men too. It’s just not that serious and now she may be kicked off her own show.

  7. It sounds like this isn’t even really Vivica’s show and she’s just the face. She’s probably going to get replaced next season if the show is renewed.

  8. I think people should just understand that it’s always best to be thoughtful of others and always, always be respectful. She needs to start putting more thought into her responses.

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