Watch: Marlo Hampton Explains Fallout with Kenya Moore + Both Exchange Shade on Twitter

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton’s friendship is officially done.

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  1. I knew they would fall out. And Marlo has some nerve accusing Kenya of being cool with NeNe to level up. Is that not what Marlo does on the regular? I mean she’s basically an escort and only got cool with NeNe to get on TV. So is the ultimate user.

  2. Most of us called this fallout when Marlo was crying invisible tears on Kenya’s shoulders a few seasons ago. I’m getting a kick out of all this karma going down this season.

  3. Kenya should have never gotten cool with Marlo. Marlo uses all of them to get on TV and she has dreams of getting a peach even though she’s really not that interesting in my opinion. I wish Bravo would stop bringing her back. She’s trash!

  4. I have to say, watching Marlo be her dirty self to Kenya is so entertaining. I remember how Team Twirl kept saying Marlo was a real friend and NeNe didn’t deserve her. Now they are scrambling and finally ready to admit that Marlo is a backstabbing fraud ready to do whatever necessary to get a peach. I’m loving this season. LOL!

    1. Girl, the karma seeds that have been shaken off that big ol’ karma tree has been giving me life this season. Did #Teamtwirl really think Marlon knows the definition of the word loyalty? Silly rabbits!

      Next up, Kandi’s trout mouthed a-s.

  5. Marlo was never anyone’s friend. She looks out for self and that’s it. I’m not sure who she is trying to fool.

  6. So far this season has been Kenya vs. Matt, Kandi vs. Phaedra/Porsha, Phaedra vs. Shamea, Kenya vs. Sheree and now Kenya vs. Marlo. Crazy.

  7. It was only a matter of time before Marlo switched up on Kenya. Her next bestie will be Sheree and when that ends badly, she will then be up in Phaedra’s face and so on. I really don’t understand why the producers continue to let her film even if she’s filming for free. She serves no purpose and I don’t care about her “fashions” either. Let her go Bravo and consider letting Shamea’s messy behind take Marlo’s place.

  8. Oh well Kenya stay tryna befriend Nene’s foes after Nene falls out with them……she thought she was using Marlo to get back at Nene when Marlo actually in turn used her…now Kenya had to go and team up with Nene to shade Marlo…and Nene is enjoying all of this….chicks that wanna be her and stroke her ego LOL

  9. I knew this “friendship” wouldn’t last. But it’s hilarious to see Kenya dump Marlo and run behind NeNe. That proves all along that’s always where she wanted to be and only when NeNe allows her to be a side kick, she dumps Marlo with the quickness. I have to say, she pulled a Marlo on Marlo. Ha.

  10. I’m not sure how anyone can turn this around and drag Kenya but it’s to be expected. Anyway, I really love this version of NeNe. She’s happy, doing her and seems fun to be around again. I’d love for her to come back to RHOA if she can stay this way and I’m here for her friendship with Kenya. Most people don’t want to admit it but Kenya and NeNe are a lot alike. That’s why they clashed so much.

  11. Marlo was never really Kenya’s friend either though. She used her to get back on RHOA after Nene was done with her. So she can’t really call Kenya out for being a fake friend.

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