1. Kenya really needs to stop while she’s ahead. There are rumors about her getting around back in the day. She doesn’t want to go there.

  2. But Kenya is the one who keeps lying about not getting a boob job and a botched up booty. At least Porsha kept it 100.

    1. I laughed when they all went to the plastic surgeon’s office with Cynthia and the doctor called her out for a boob job and she denied it.

  3. I guess Kenya wants to beef with Porsha again because her fake relationship with Matt hasn’t been interesting enough and her beef with Sheree was boring. She truly serves no purpose this season.

  4. On another note, what happened to sisterhood? I would be horrified if my girlfriends went around exposing my intimate encounters that were told to them in confidence. Not out of embarrassment cause I’m grown and can do what the hell I want lol, but horrified in the sense of…wheres the trust? Even if we don’t rock anymore I’m still not going to stoop to that level and I would hope my friends would think the same.

  5. I’m starting to wonder if the producers told them to go as low as possible this season if they want to keep their jobs because all of them are really dogging each other more than usual.

  6. Says the woman who was dropping it like it was hot for anything with a p-nis in Anguilla, and asked Phaedra about 3somes with her husband.

    If I had a rep for being a hoe in Hollywood I would quit while I was ahead.

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