1. So we just gonna pretend Marjorie ain’t just as f-cked up and shady as her husband? Of course she gon cape for his snake a-s. Sh-t she’s a snake her damn self. She started f-cking him while he was married to his previous wife. And before that, she was wifey to drug dealers. She doesn’t give a f-ck what her man does as long as he keeps her dressed up in designer labels. Once her men stop doing that, she’s out and on to the next. That’s why Steve works so damn hard. Not only does he have to keep Marjorie laced up in the designer clothes just to keep her, but he has to pay alimony to his past wives too. F-ck her and f-ck Steve too.

  2. Just like Trump, Steve is not going to do a thing for black people in inner cities. This was nothing more than PR for all parties involved.

  3. Sigh…Of course. But I’ve always questioned her character considering how her and Steve even got together in the first place.

  4. Steve is only hopping on the Trump train because he doesn’t want to lose his white viewers!! He’s very white washed like Lee Daniels!!

    1. Bingo. He has crossed over and he’s not trying to lose his appeal to whites. Please believe he wouldn’t have tried this if the majority of his fan base was still black. Steve sold out a long time ago. I haven’t forgotten what he said about slavery on his show. He’s really garbage and a true c–n.

  5. Of course she stands by him she is suppose to. She is his wife. Plus how will she parade around in designer clothes if she does not stand by him.

  6. So I guess Steve forgot all the sh-t he talked about Trump during the election,arguing with callers about how this man don’t know sh-t etc,but yet c–nin for him..I lost all respect for his a-s when he tried to undermind Bernie Mac..fuk still..Carla&Shirley cosign all his sh-t everyday..”yes Steve,you right Steve”..I’m not a fan of DL Hughley but I agree with everything he said..

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