Ciara and Russell Wilson Remain Unbothered by Internet Pettiness + Future Denies Being Messy

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Russell Wilson and Ciara aren’t letting internet trolls bother them now that the Seattle Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Atlanta Falcons.

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  1. My thing is I love RussCi together but Russell has to show up for the big games no matter who is on the sideline. And I don’t believe he lost because Future was there. He lost because Atlanta is the better team hands down.

  2. LMBO at Future’s fans thinking his presence had anything to do with that loss. Atlanta is a good team and they were not going to lose to Seattle period. Green Bay will be a challenge though.

    1. They are so delusional. Just like they swear he ain’t thinking about Ciara. Yet he is always going out his way to be petty towards her and Russell. He can stay pressed though.

  3. I don’t doubt Future was trying to be petty but him being there isn’t why Russell lost. I can’t believe how many people keep sleeping on the Falcons this season. They are a very good team.

  4. Why would they be bothered they seem genuinely happy.Seattle been struggling the last couple of games they aren’t the same team they use to be no way they were going to keep up with ATL. Falcons have had a great season and imo Matt Ryan should be the MVP.

  5. I love them together and I’m happy she finally moved on from that bum Future. I was worried about her for a second but she woke up and upgraded.

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