Watch: Tamera Mowry Says Husband Checked Her for Thinking All White People Love Mayo

Apparently Tamara opened up to  her fellow co-hosts and audience recently about her husband Adam Housley checking her for assuming that he likes mayonnaise just because he’s white.

Tamera says:

“I was actually checked, I was checked by my white husband to be honest with you guys.

“Well I made a sandwich…you guys know where I’m going…so I made a sandwich and I had some mayonnaise. And I said, ‘Adam, do you want a lot of mayo on your sandwich?’

“Because it’s like a racial thing that white people love mayonnaise and black people love friend chicken. But I didn’t mean it in a derogative way. I was trying to help him.

“He said, ‘Tamara, I don’t like mayo just because I’m white. I actually hate mayo!’ Thank you Adam for teaching me that not all white people like mayonnaise.”

Tamera says her white husband, who voted for Trump, “checked her” for asking if he wanted more mayo on his sandwhich.

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  1. And this is why I barely watch The Real now. They are so desperate to get ratings back up that they are spilling too much about their personal lives for attention.

  2. Funny he said this when he works for a news channel that is always telling blacks to stop being so sensitive.

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