BGC Star Camilla Poindexter Drags NFL Baby Daddy and Wife + Wife Remains Unbothered

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Bad Girls Club” star Camilla Pointdexter just went off on her baby daddy and his wife on Instagram.

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  1. My goodness Camilla is a bird. Did she think he would leave his wife for her? She needs to move on and just collect child support.

  2. I follow her and she’s been trying to troll Dominique now for months. She is always posting pictures of herself at Oakland games and keeping her daughter in Oakland gear. I think the real issue is she thought the trolling would finally force Dominique to file for divorce but she’s house shopping instead.

  3. Camilla better be careful. Nowadays athletes are taking their children away from their mother and making them pay child support.

  4. No sympathy whatsoever for Camilla. She knew he was married so she deserves all the mess she’s in. And the same goes for his wife. By staying with him, she deserves it too. Women have to do better. Just because a man has money doesn’t mean your self esteem goes out the door.

  5. Typical side chick behavior. They get angry and irrational when they see that the husband ain’t leaving the wife.

  6. I have absolutely no sympathy for her. Don’t sleep with married men, it’s very simple. He’s completely in the wrong for not supporting his child but this could have easily been avoided and is simply karma. Smh. Just another episode of when being a side chick goes wrong.

  7. She’s an idiot. All this fussing and cussing but she’s the one who decided to get with a married man. You can’t mess around with someone’s husband and not expect it to blow up in your face at some point. She is going to mess around and end up just like Luda’s baby mama.

  8. Athletes are so stupid. Now this man has a gorgeous wife and kids but could’t resist shooting up Camilla’s club and now she will embarrass him and his entire family when she feels good and ready to. What an idiot.

  9. Camilla has a lot of learning to do. She was a fool to think he would leave his life for her but his wife is a fool as well for putting up with the cheating.

  10. She mad but this is her fault. So what he did all that to you he is still with his wife and that’s why she goin off like that. He didn’t love you sweetheart AT ALL cuz he NEVER left his wife. Ho*es give up the cat all the time still don’t make a man love you. Camilla got issues. Donald is a sleaze ball, I only feel bad for the wife and kids. No one else

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