Amber Rose Called out on Her Activism + She Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are under fire because of a situation that reportedly went down on Instagram Live.

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  1. Amber just needs to stop. That slut walk was free because she got attention and more exposure from it. She became a “feminist” because she needed a new hustle now that Wiz has divorced her and she’s already been called out for not even knowing what feminism really means. Not to mention that she chose feminism as her gimmick because she was tired of people calling her out for throwing the p-ss around and all up and down the industry. And how do she give her life to victims when she’s so self absorbed? Newsflash, a real activist understands what the movement means and they don’t label stunts and attention whoring as “giving back.”

  2. I’m loving how the world is waking up to the truth about Amber Rose. She is no feminist and never was. Between that embarrassing book of hers that undermined what feminism stands for, to her being s-xist and ignorant towards bis-xual men to this, it’s just been perfect karma I think. Now people can see she never was a victim during the whole Kim and Kanye thing. She was just jealous and wanted to be on Kim’s level. Too bad that isn’t working out for her.

  3. She’s such a joke. I believe they were rude to that woman and they were just too ignorant to think they would be called out about it. And who can blame them since they have a whole group of delusional fools who continue to inflate their ego despite being talentless? I’m telling you Amber and Chyna are really no better than the Kardashians. They are literally the same.

  4. Amber is very arrogant. She speaks as if she literally gets out the bed everyday and takes bullets for other women. Like she’s out here saving lives when in reality, she doesn’t do much but find a way to sit on her butt and make money and extend her 15 minutes through feminism.

  5. Ok, so let’s say Amber is telling the truth. Still, what’s so uplifting and feminist about having women call in and confess about the messed up things they have done and laughing at them? I don’t get the point of this “event” they had.

  6. Amber and this activist are making this more so about if she laughed or not but I’m more disturbed that she hung up on the girl. Whether she lied or not, you still don’t hang up on people when they tell you about trauma they have endured. The proper thing to do is tell then you’re not in a position to give them the help they need and refer them to someone who can. I mean Amber’s egg headed a-s couldn’t at least connect that girl to the therapist she has a show with? Amber really ain’t sh-t.

  7. Did anyone expect Amber to admit to this? You know she’s never wrong and always the victim in every situation. *eye roll*

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