After Being Blasted by Camilla Poindexter, Donald Penn’s Wife Spills the Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day “Bad Girls Club” star Camilla Poindexter got social media buzzing because she went all the way off on her baby daddy and his wife.

Now the wife is spilling the tea.

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  1. I think most people figured out Camilla is really just mad Donald isn’t leaving his wife. But she needs to tread lightly because nowadays these women are losing their children because they got too greedy about child support. It’s nothing for Donald to get a good lawyer and get full custody of that little girl.

  2. His wife sounds just as dumb as Camilla. She kind of reminds me of Yandy. Willing to tolerate just about anything as long as she can say she’s the wife. It’s sad.

  3. “This is what happens when you have a baby by someone who is not gong to leave his wife” WELP. Thats true. I feel terrible for the wife, clearly the two babies are close in age. I hope she is giving her husband hell for bringing this embarrassing and unnecessary drama into her life and in their kids life…

  4. Women let’s do better than this. I know Camilla is wrong for sleeping with a married man but why is Dominique just sitting back and accepting this? And I do believe Donald is still sleeping with Camilla too. He’s the typical trifling athlete.

  5. What’s really sad is that this is such a common thing and it shouldn’t be. Everyone involved needs to be better and do better. Stop cheating on spouses and honor yourself and your marriage, stop sleeping with married people and respect yourself, stop putting up with BS just to say you’re married and love yourself. The children don’t ask to be here but they are exposed to this dysfunction and will grow up thinking its normal and OK and it’s not.

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