Amber Rose Gets Caught Up

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Amber Rose was accused of hanging up on a young woman who called in to one of her streaming sessions to talk about being molested by a family member, and people were outraged.

In particular, she got called out by a fellow activist but Amber clapped back and denied she did anything wrong.

In fact, Amber claimed in a statement posted to Instagram that she hung up on the caller because she was laughing about it.

Turns out, video of the ordeal shows that Amber wasn’t telling the truth.

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  1. Amber caught lying again? You don’t say. I don’t know what else this bald headed bird has to get caught lying about before people realize that’s she’s a fraud. She is not a feminist and honestly, all she cares about is herself.

  2. For her to lie on that girl and even try to use her mom being molested to save her own self is gross. Amber is a really dirty person.

  3. The fact that Amber didn’t get her friends together for the trash they said is proof alone that she is not a real activist. I think that is the worst part of it all. She really uses serious topics and movements to pay her bills and that’s all.

  4. I saw that she deleted her statement and felt like that was fishy for someone who said they were being lied on. So this is Amber’s what third fail in the last couple of months, right? It may be time for her to drop the whole feminist act. She has contradicted her so called beliefs way too many times to be taken seriously.

  5. Of course Amber lied. That’s what she does best. Now people need to wonder if all the things she said about Kanye on Twitter were even true (hint, they weren’t). She tried to call out the Kardashians and Kanye but the truth is they would never belittle and lie on a victim of molestation. Turns out she’s a worst person than she claims they are. She really is pathetic.

  6. This b-tch is trash. And I’m not shocked her trash a-s friends ain’t sh-t either. Birds flock together. Dumba-ses.

  7. I’ve been done with Amber since she had the audacity to compare herself and Kim to Beyonce. That told me all I needed to know.

    1. Because the young IG generation is very gullible. They worship the Kardashians and consider people like Amber Rose to be legit feminists. There’s no hope for them.

  8. Amber got big headed real quick. She actually has the nerve to say anyone who is calling her out wasn’t a “real fan” anyway. I’m sorry, since when is Amber above being called out? When you do dumb stuff, you should be held accountable. And the fact that she deleted her statement proved she lied even before the receipts/this video came out. Yet people are still defending what she did. You don’t tell victims to be quiet just because it makes you feel uncomfortable. That is deplorable.

  9. I’m seeing now that Amber is a very manipulative liar. She will post things on Instagram to distract people from the messed up things that she does. After getting dragged for hanging up on a victim of molestation, now she’s trying to change the topic by defending Melania Trump talking bout she feel sorry for Melania. If only she felt sorry for the victim she hung up on. And she has the nerve to still call herself a feminist. She’s a mess.

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