NeNe Leakes Defends Kandi Burruss

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks as if NeNe Leakes may be Team Kandi when it comes to her beef with Phaedra Parks.

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  1. If Kandi really believes she’s not in the wrong, why is she on Twitter/IG all day long defending her actions? And now she values what Nene thinks, someone she can’t even stand, just to validate her season? Interesting.

    1. Kandi is desperate. She didn’t think she would get dragged so bad for the Phaedra situation. But most people can agree it’s really low for someone to tell secrets of a former bestie just because the friendship is over.

  2. I don’t agree with NeNe at all. There’s a such thing as girl code, and it says a lot that Kandi doesn’t seem to understand that.

  3. You know I’m am starting to not be a team Nene. I think she is an friend opportunist. She is definitely not a good friend to no ONE. If she is not talking with Porsha or Phaedra, she’s now friends with Kenya and at first she is bashing Kandi and now they are friens. She supposedly have moved on and that is good but keep back peddling to the very people who wanted her off the show. She’s in Hollywood so why aren’t you befriending new people. I don’t get her now and can’t take nothing she is saying seriously.

  4. I still like NeNe but she’s on some bullsh-t right. She is obviously still mad at Phaedra and Porsha so she linked up with Kenya and Kandi to bother them. It’s petty as hell but I understand it.

  5. Nene is being biased cuz she’s not cool with Phae or Porsha so yeah that’s it being real that’s being petty and fake

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