Tiny Harris Talks TI Leaving Her and Claps Back at Miss Piggy Comparisons

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny Harris wants people to understand that calling her Miss Piggy isn’t an insult.

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  1. I really wish people would leave Tiny alone. What she looks like has no effect on us. But I wish she would stop being a doormat to TI. It’s so sad to see.

    1. Exactly!! She’s the one who left him AMD filed for divorce. How is she where she’s supposed to be when she moved out and bought another home? Then she sees him actually moving on and then say these things and then he looks like the bad guy for being OK with moving on….smh

    1. Exactly. She has all this mouth but allows her “husband” to keep making her look like a fool time and time again.

  2. Tiny is still on that bullsh-t. She filed for divorce to scare him and it didn’t even work. Sh-t is pathetic.

  3. TI is out here still messing around with other women while she’s at home with all the kids hoping he will come back to her when he’s done. It’s a very sad situation but she continues to keep dealing with him so it is what it is.

  4. I’ve said for years that it would be TI not Tiny to end the relationship. TI has basically left the marriage only reason he doesn’t want to go through a divorce because he doesn’t want to pay Tiny that’s the only hold up he’s checked out the relationship. Instead of Tiny being serious about divorcing she’s trying to use the divorce as a scare tactic smh.

  5. Who is the dam simpleton that suggested she go back to TI..women fukn kill me telling each other to go back to a cheating a-s man..weak as fuk..fuk TI..

  6. Women as a whole need to do better. Stop putting up with cheaters and liars. If a man doesn’t respect, move on and wait for God to send you a man who will.

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