Keke Palmer to Pursue Legal Action Against Trey Songz

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Keke Palmer hopped on social media and accused Trey Songz of putting her in a music video she didn’t agree to be in and now the actress is giving more details on the situation.

Apparently she plans to pursue legal action.

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  1. So she’s suing him and they took down the video. Hmm. I guess she really was telling the truth. It just sounded so bizarre at first but Trey is mad wrong for what he did. He definitely has some mental issues between this and that temper tantrum in Detroit.

  2. How the f-ck do you force someone to be in your music video? Trey needs his a-s whooped. He’s been acting like s straight up crackhead lately.

    1. He’s probably on something. He has been acting off for a while now. Even that situation with OBJ was just…weird.

        1. Right. But i’m just surprised at how many women are Team Trey on this like we didn’t just see him push women after he tore up that stage in Detroit a few weeks ago. I mean the women were just innocent bystanders and he pushed them hard without even batting an eyelash. He does not respect women.

  3. So she was at a party when this happened which makes it even more trifling. Is Trey broke or something? You just don’t expect an established music artist to pull something like this.

  4. I know people were calling Keke crazy but Trey may be the real nut case here. Something is going on with him and I can’t put my finger on what it is.

  5. Keke is an accomplished actress. Trey needs to write a check because he tried it. He tried to treat her like some random IG model and now he’s about to get sued.

  6. The thing is I don’t think Keke is telling the whole truth. I think she’s embellishing on some things like the whole s-xual intimidation thing. I think she means peer pressure. And she does know the artist who was featured on the song and even called him her boy on Snapchat. But if they took the video down, then she is telling the truth about them putting her in the video when she declined the offer.

    1. I agree! Her wording is off. It makes it almost seem like she was saying he was using s-x to force her to do the video.I think this is where a lot of people were confused and had doubt’s. I hope they get this issue resolved and Trey get some help.

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