Jessica Williams Shut Down While Discussing Plight of Black Women by Salma Hayek and Shirley MacLaine

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With Donald Trump being the nation’s new president, it’s no surprise that issues pertaining to feminism are coming to the forefront, even in Hollywood.

In fact, one of the biggest criticisms of feminism is how the movement appears to work hard to silence women of color.

When black actress/comedian Jessica Williams attempted to explain to her non-black peers the issues black women face in society, actresses Salma Hayek and Shirely MacLaine wasted no time in shutting her down and making her feel inferior.

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    1. exactly. My response would of been I cannot diconnect frim being black or a woman as that is massive factor in my identity. I think and feel as a black woman because thats all ive ever been. Even your soul and its development is dependent on your physical experiences and how you respond to them which means the struggles i experience as a result of my physicality is reflected and and impacts my inner being , my soul. Is life not self discovery? so shy should I discount the skin i was given in discovering who i am how about why was i given this skin in the first place ? It wasnt an accident. Let Salma focus on her identity and the issues she faces and stop trying to reduce the voice of others whos path shes never walked or would have no way of understanding because guess what? she is not them.

  1. Salma really tried it the most though. Did she come from a rich family over here and become a success because of her connections? Then to top it off, she married a billionaire. She has no idea what it means to struggle at all. And don’t get me started on Shirley. Her views on race are telling no matter how much she tries to cloak it with liberal speak.

  2. I’m so disturbed by that whole convo, yet I wish I could’ve watched the video. Im really surprised by Salma, but yet not. Because now shes married to Henri I’m sure she’s no longer in place to even entertain any thoughts from black women. She’s a white Latino at this point.

    I wish more black women realized that white feminism does not acknowledge the role of black women in the struggle for women’s rights. The women’s marches are not for us. They want our numbers…not our voces! There’s always this condescending tone with black woman to just shut up and follow blindly but not to be “divisive” by speaking about the black experience.

    This is that all lives matter bs all over again.

    1. 100%. Its two different struggles black women are fighting for equality on two levels. Non black women are not or were not considered to be subhuman so to have to fight to be accepted as a human being as well as a female is something they have no concept of. When those feminist achieve their goals as women they will still feel comfortable having an advantage as a non black because their agenda is fufilled. Therefore stay in you lane and dont discredit our entirely different and more extensive struggle

  3. F-ck both of these racist c-nts. I’m telling y’all these so called liberals are no better than the republicans. They hop their privileged a-ses on Twitter and call out Trump when they ain’t sh-t either.

  4. The best thing about situations like this is undercover bigots are exposed. Hollywood isn’t as liberal as it seems.

  5. This is typical for non black feminists. And Salma is a white hispanic. They can be more racist than regular white people. Just saying.

  6. The surprise would have been non black women actually listening to black women and not being so condescending when we talk about the issues we have to deal with. For some reason that’s hard for them to do. And that chef should be dragged too since she saw nothing wrong with what Salma did.

  7. I will never understand why people discuss race issues, or woman issues. No one is ever going to agree, it’s like they make these discussions to give people something to rant about

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