Comedian Lil Duval Defends R. Kelly + Compares Alleged Acts to ‘Dirty Dancing’

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Duval is calling out folks who no longer support R. Kelly.

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  1. He’s not going to be feeling this way when a grown man goes after his daughter. What a piece of trash this man is.

    1. Their reasoning never applies to their own daughters, sisters or mothers. But you can sense his hate for black women in his tweets daily. I wish people would stop retweeting him on my timeline.

  2. This “man” isn’t ever funny. Just disgusting and angry. He also sounds like a pedophile. What R Kelly does is rape.

  3. But the actress in Dirty Dancing was legally an adult (18 years old). You can’t compare that to R Kelly marrying a 15 year old and pissing on a 14 year old. Plus it’s a movie. So the comparisons don’t make sense anyway.

    1. I mean he flat out said he doesn’t see an issue with what R. Kelly did. I think it’s safe to say he’s done it himself and may still be doing it.

  4. He’s sick. There’s nothing ok about what R Kelly has done to young black girls. But I guess he doesn’t care because he’s out here doing the same heinous things.

  5. I wish he would shut his unfunny a-s up. How the f-ck are you a comedian when you ain’t funny? All he does is tweet dumb sh-t all day. And he hates black women. His dusty a-s needs to go ahead and come on out the closet.

  6. And this is one reason I don’t go out my way to protest on behalf of black men. Gone are the days of the majority of black men being good and decent. A lot of them don’t care about black women or young black girls. Where’s the protection? Instead they and their sons are on TV calling us unattractive, lusting over the Kardashians while saying we’re inferior, calling us out our names in their music and tweeting about how much they hate us. This cretin is only tweeting this because he thinks all black girls and women are hypers-xual with daddy issues and we can’t be raped. Meanwhile the good black men like my father wouldn’t allow a grown a-s man to come anywhere near me when I was just a teenager!

  7. He sounds just like R. Kelly’s female stans. They say the same sickening things and blame these young girls for what he did to them. It’s the whole “well they were fast anyway so they deserved it” theory. Nothing but ignorance. Then these same people turn around and have kids.

  8. It’s sad that people actually agreed with him and even laughed. Turns out, child molestation is hilarious when it comes to black girls.

  9. Wasn’t he the same one ranting about how Eddie Long is going to hell for what he did but this is ok? Lemme guess, molestation is only acceptable when it’s happening to young black women, not young black men. Got it!

  10. I used to follow Lil Duval on IG but had to unfollow after constantly seeing him put down black women. What kills me about him and men like him, they seem to think that because they “raise” their daughters right these things can’t happen to them. They forget the same women they trash are someone’s daughters too. People do what they want regardless of their upbringing so he better hope and pray his daughter doesn’t act out when she’s older.

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