Rihanna Spills the Tea on the Real Reason for Azealia Banks Beef

If you have been keeping up with the social media beef between Azealia and Rihanna, then you already know things went left after Azealia called Rihanna out for slamming Trump for the Muslim ban on Twitter.

Azealia is a Trump supporter and she claimed Rihanna has no right to speak on the situation and questioned if she’s even a citizen.

Hours later, clap backs have included Beyonce, witchcraft, Azelia’s practice of sacrificing chickens in her closet, loving chicken nuggets and accusations of drug addiction.

Both artists even posted and deleted each other’s phone numbers on social media too.

However, Rihanna’s recent Instagram like puts the whole beef into perspective:

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  1. I think she’s mad at Beyonce for the same reason. But Rihanna would have been much better off never responding to Azealia. She’s just a troll and lives for attention.

    1. Exactly. Gotta give it to Bey and all the other celebs who ignore this troll. All she wants is attention. So she is always happy when she gets a response and I’m sure this beef made her day.

  2. Of course. Azealia only goes after people she’s jealous of. She hates Beyonce and Rihanna because she wishes she was on their level success wise. So she will shade Beyonce one week, and Rihanna the next. Rihanna usually ignores her so I don’t know why she didn’t this time. And Azealia is only pro Trump because it gets her attention. She’s a joke.

  3. Azealia is just someone you have to ignore. She likes going after celebrities who are more known than her because it helps her make headlines. We all know how important attention is to her.

  4. F-ck Azealia Banks. Her dumb a-s will continue to be broke because she spends more time social media beefing than recording music. And to top that sh-t off, she’s burned damn near any bridge left in the business. Now nobody wants to work with her mentally unstable a-s.

  5. “A wise man told me not to argue with fools cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” – Jay Z

  6. Lord this girl needs to find her some business. She can’t possibly be happy by making herself a public laughing stock like this.

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