Tony Rock Calls out Marjorie and Steve Harvey

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Steve Harvey is still getting backlash from his meeting with Donald Trump and now another comedian is calling him out.

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  1. He’s right. But when you have someone as powerful as Oprah pushing someone like Steve, it’s not much that can be done. She gave him the platform knowing what happened in his other marriages.

  2. He forgot to include she was *allegedly* married to drug dealers before Steve. There’s a meme about it spreading around on Instagram.

  3. He made excellent points, jokes aside. Steve should have never been taken seriously but what happened? His book became a hit, he got movies out of it and now a brand promoting him as a relationship expert. Meanwhile it’s like his messy divorce from his last wife never happened and Marjorie gets to prance around in her tacky fashions on Instagram like she’s not the classless gold digger and homewrecker she is.

  4. It was ok before he met with Trump though. I don’t see how he, DL, or even his brother are qualified with the ignorant crap they say about do to black women. I ain’t no Steve Harvey fan but I ain’t jumpin on this bandwagon either.

    1. And don’t forget Darryl also has a baby out of wedlock I went to school with Darryl and ran with him Dl not all people think but it’s funny how as Blacks we Buy into The Lies No Shade.

  5. People have been calling Steve out for this for years, but were told to shut up because we should be supporting black men. I remember black women telling other black women not to be bitter and support Steve because people can change. LOL.

  6. It’s about time actual celebrities start calling each other for their ignorance. For far too long they would sit back and say nothing because they didn’t want to be called a hater. It’s refreshing to see that has changed. That’s one of the good things the election/Trump being in power has done.

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